KPOP Masters Concert – SHINee [11.26.11]

Here are some videos I took of SHINee while I was at the concert on the 26th

SHINee – Replay – KPOP Masters [11.26.11]

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong – KPOP Masters [11.26.11]

SHINee – Hello – KPOP Masters [11.26.11]

SHINee – Lucifer – KPOP Masters [11.26.11]

SHINee walking off stage [11.26.11]

Please Do Not re-upload any of my videos anywhere, thank you.

Also sorry the videos aren’t good quality the security took my HD video camera away before the concert ); I really wanted to record SHINee in HD..

Next time I’m just gonna sneak my camera’s into the concert like everyone else did >.>


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