Happy 22nd Birthday Jonghyun oppa!!! ♥

Okay so today April 8th, 2012 is Jonghyun’s 22nd (international age) or 23rd (Korean age) birthday. It is currently 4.08.12 at 1AM PST and it is 4.08.2012 at 5PM KST. So it is Jonghyun oppa’s birthday in both America and S.Korea right now~ ^.^

I didn’t do much for his birthday since sadly I was busy ); but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything for him. I tweeted him about 10 times I think(?) hahaha saying happy birthday to him (in Korean of course), so I hope he actually read at least one of them ^.^;

Anyway moving onto some of his photos I edited for him for his birthday~

  1.  (This is a little different than #2… I added a dino to it)

Along with some of the tweets I sent him I tweeted him these images, so once again I really hope he saw these although I am sure he didn’t since he most definitively got a lot of tweets wishing him a happy birthday. ^_^;;

종현 오빠, 생일 축하합니다~!



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