[DRAMA] 理想の息子 (Perfect Son)


The story revolves around a beautiful single mother named Umi who has worked hard to raise her son Daichi by herself. Daichi has been raised as the perfect obedient son who loves his mother, though his character is described as having a “neo mother complex.” He is always aiming to achieve top results in school to please his mother, and whenever a man tries to approach her, Daichi quickly rejects them. When Umi starts a new job at a cafeteria of a all-boys high school that is notorious for troublemakers, Daichi decides to leave his prestigious prep school and enter the all-boys school in order to be able to protect Umi.


  • Yamada Ryosuke as Suzuki Daichi
  • Suzuki Kyoka as Suzuki Umi
  • Sawamura Ikki as Kurahashi Minoru
  • Fujigaya Taisuke as Mifune Kengo
  • Nakajima Yuto as Kobayashi Kouji
  • Irie Jingi as Wanikawa
  • Emoto Tokio as Habu Yoshikazu
  • Takeda Kohei as Goro Uchiyama
  • Waki Tomohiro as Tanba Iwao
  • Kendo Kobayashi as Kanbe Toshirou
  • Kaneko Nobuaki as Ikeda Fuyuhiko
  • Suzuki Anju as Kobayashi Mitsuko
  • Miyoshi Ayaka as Tanba Sayaka

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