Donated Blood for the First Time

So today I had an appointment at the Spring Valley Library for the blood drive at 12:20 and I got there at 11:44AM so I was early. I decided to go online and wait until it got closer to my appointment; I watched part of We Got Married while waiting. Once it got to 12:16 I logged off and walked to where the blood drive was located which was the Conference room A&B. I signed in and then sat down on the chairs and read the Information and Instructions for Your Blood Donation paper they handed to me when I signed in. After I looked over that I was then called over to answer some questions; birth date, height, weight, and some HIV/AIDS questions like have I used a needle to inject nonprescription drugs into myself, if I have had sex with anyone in the past 12 months that  have traded sex for money or drugs, and other similar questions. After answering those questions they then had to prick my finger to see if I didn’t have low irons which I didn’t I had 14.8 and you need at least 12.5.

After all that I walked over to where they would be drawing my blood and I sat down and the woman asked if I was nervous to which I said a little and she replied that, that was normal. She then explained what she was doing. She rubbed alcohol on my right arm for 30 seconds and then let it dry. After that she said that I could look away because she was going to be putting the needle in so I did just that and looked away. She also gave me a stress ball to squeeze ever five seconds to help with the blood flow.

It didn’t feel like it took that long I was finished around 1:01 and had to remain in the refreshment area until 1:16 for safety reasons I also got free pretzels, apple juice and oatmeal raisin cookies to eat and drink while waiting :3

It honestly was not that bad both the pricking of my finger and the needle going into my arm felt like I was just being slightly pinched or something. Right now my arm feels kinda sore but I just hope that I’m not like my mom and bruise >.< Anyway I will be allowed to donate again on August 11, 2012. So in two months and it just so happens that on that exact day there will be yet another blood drive at the library and I plan on donating again. 🙂


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