I donated blood for the third time two days ago

After school Monday I met with my mom at the bus stop across the street from my school to go to the Untied Blood Service to go to my appointment. When I got there I signed in and waited a few minutes before a women came up to me to  take me back and take my blood pressure, temperature, check my pulse, check my iron level and do my interview.

After I finished all that I went back to sit next to my mom while I waited for them to call me over to start donating. I ate some pretzels while waiting and after about 2 minutes a women came over and told me they were ready. I was a bit nervous because the second time I donated blood they missed my vein and it really hurt and I also almost passed out.

Anyway I sat down in the chair and she tilted the chair back a bit and had me squeeze a stress ball type of thing so she could located my vein. Once she found it she used a maker(?) to mark where it was so she wouldn’t lose it when she would put the needle in. She then cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol  and then stuck the needle in.

What I didn’t want to happen happened. She missed my vein and had to move the needle around in my arm which really sucked. After a while she called another women over and they were speaking in Spanish so I had no idea what they were talking about. They kept messing with the needle while it was still in my arm though which sucked even more. I later found out that they did that because my blood wasn’t coming out fast enough and she said that my blood might have clotted so that’s why they were doing that..

While the second women was moving the needle around she pulled the needle out to much by accident and that made my blood start coming out of my arm and it covered half of my forearm which was really gross >.< The first women had to clean it before she wrapped my arm and while cleaning it she said that it looked like a murder scene >.>

I was so sore when I was finished giving my blood and the bruise on my arm right now is kinda big… (It’s about 3 inches by 3 inches; my mom wanted to measure how big it was >.>;)


One comment on “I donated blood for the third time two days ago

  1. Patty you an inspiration to us all. So sorry for the discomfort of your pain, but that is not a normal experience. Usually when donating blood there is little pain as possible (a prick of the needle). It is great that you have now donated 3 times! What an achievement. Here at Donor Date Australia, our mission is to try and encourage people to donate blood, and continue to donate! You are a model of what we are trying to accomplish. Hope your arm feels better!

    An inspiration to us all, thank you for helping to save a life!

    Donor Date Australia

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