[REVIEW] LEE HI (이하이) – M/V

A little about Lee Hi first before my review. She is a new singer in YG Ent. she was expected to debut as a member of upcoming girl group SuPearls, but SuPearls has since disbanded, leaving Lee Hi as a solo artist. Lee Hi was born on September 27, 1996 in Bucheon and she is known as the SBS’s “Survival K-Pop Star” runner-up of 2011.

Onto my short review;
I really wanted to love this song because I am a huge YG stan, but when I heard it it just didn’t do it for me. Now I am not saying that Lee Hi isn’t a good singer (far from that actually) I think her voice is amazing, but this song wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. The style of of this song just wasn’t the type of style I like. As for the music video itself I think it was really well done and it fit the song. Lee Hi looks a bit awkward in this music video but in her next one I am sure she will become more comfortable. I also loved the different outfits Lee Hi wore in this mv.


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