[GAME] RE: Alistair++

I just started playing RE: Alistair++ today and I had to play it three times so I could get a chance with each of the cute boys xD

Anyway here is the story of RE: Alistair++

Solve the mystery and get the guy! During an especially tense encounter in her favorite online game, a mysterious stranger challenges temperamental Merui to discover his real-life identity – all because of a dispute over a valuable artifact! But can she find out who he really is while balancing everyday duties like shopping, school, work and having fun? Features multiple endings and different dateable characters.

I had chose Shiro first since he was so adorable~

alistair shiros room alistair shiro waking up alistair shiro kisses meiru alistair shiro ending 1 alistair shiro ending 2

Next I chose Derek; again here are some screen shots

alistair date two with derek alistair derek helps re alistair fountain with derekalistair shiro and derek argue alistair derek confesses alistair derek ending 1 alistair derek ending 2

Last but not least I chose Travis; here are some screen shots for you~

re alistair travis alistair travis playing demon of edo alistair ending with travis alistair travis ending 1 alistair travis ending 2

Here are two screen shots from the bonus stage(?)

alistair bonus 1 alistair bonus 2


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