Career I want to pursue…

I want to become a singer in South Korea. I have always loved music; singing along to songs by the Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, and the Spice Girls when I was really young. While growing up I started loving music even more. I listened to any and every genre of music: pop, rap, hip-hop, screamo, rock, country, etc..

A main reason I want to become a singer is because I love to entertain people and make them happy by music. If I am ever sad I would listen to up beat kind of music to make myself happy or sometimes even sad songs that I could relate to. Music has always been a big part of my life. All my family members on my dad’s side sing and play instruments. I have also been a fan of the violin since I was around the age of 3. During 6th grade I took Orchestra and learned how to play the violin. A few years ago my nana also taught me how to play a few songs on the piano, although now I can only remember how to play one of them.

I have always been teaching myself how to sing for the past 4 or 5 years, but only recently have been trying even harder and also started saving up money so I can afford singing lessons. Becoming a singer in Korea is even harder than becoming one is American because you have to go through training for vocal, dance and acting. And you don’t even know for sure if you are going to debut. But those aren’t the only reasons it’s hard. It’s even harder for non-Asian to become Kpop idols. Although I get told I look Asian a lot the fact is I’m not so it will be very hard for me.

Becoming a Kpop idol isn’t all great and fabulous like a lot of people think it is though. Because once you become an idol depending on the Entertainment Company you join they have certain rules for you to follow for example some company’s have a ‘no dating’ rule, no leaving the dorm without permission, ‘no smoking’, etc.. And once you become an idol you always can’t walk on the streets like you use to; you will have fans following you with cameras and your fans will also wait outside your dorm and company buildings. You also won’t get a lot of sleeping done like you used to either. While filming music videos you can be working from 2AM all the way through 10PM the following day. But even though there will be hard things to deal with when being a Kpop singer there are also great times as well like having thousands of fans coming to see you at your concert and those are what I am looking forward to enjoying when I can become a singer.

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