[UNBOXING] VIXX – Jekyll repackaged album + poster

I placed my order on KpopTown on July 24th and it was shipped on August 2nd. I spent $21.60 on the album + shipping

On August 12th I received my package and poster; it took 10 days to get to me.

I had some trouble recording myself opening the package though because I had just came home from getting a tattoo on my right wrist and it was extremely sore and hurt to move ;-;

[UNBOXING] Photo Card

I bought Dongwoo’s photo card from Infinite’s Paradise album around a week or two ago on ebay for $9.80 & just got it today. I even got a free gift which is a fanmade photo card of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk which made me happy since he is my SuJu bias 😀

[UNBOXING] VIXX – Hyde Album

I received my Hyde album in the mail today and I am just so happy I finally have it in my hands after 2 months of waiting for it. I am still waiting to receive the poster though, but that should be here by either this week or next week maybe.

Received my VIXX album + Leo bookmark

I have previously bought VIXX’s On and On album but I was hoping to get Leo but ended up getting Ravi. So the day after I got that album I looked every single day trying to find someone who had Leo and was either willing to trade him or sell him and it literally took me like a week to find someone. I had to buy the album with Leo though in order to get him; which is fine but I do not need two of the same album >.<

So just like with my extra VIXX – Rock Ur Body album I am going to be selling this one as well. The price for this is going to be $12.00 for the album and $5.00 for shipping. If interested please send me a message on either youtube, tumblr or to BigBang.VIP_1123@rocketmail.com

I am willing to ship outside of the USA as well but please know that the cost of shipping will be more.

[Unboxing] Daesung Alive Photo Card

I received my Daesung Alive photo card in the mail today. I had recently purchased him from themgurl0523 on tumblr and I just got it today. I love the cute paper she wrote on, and I just want to thank her soo much for selling Daesung to me. This is my first Daesung photo card as well so I am super happy to have him finally. Now I just need 3 more Alive photo cards to finish my collection, yay~ :3