KPOP Fan Club Names & Colors

Fan Clubs

1TYM = Hip Hop Village
2AM = I am
2NE1 = Black Jacks
2PM = Hottest
4Minute = 4NIA
8Eight = Sweet Voice
AA = W (Double U)
After School = Play Girlz
A Pink = Pink Panda
AST’1 = Eustice
B.A.P = Baby
B.o.M = Bloomer
Babby VOX = Baby Angels
Battle = Battle Destiny
B2ST = B2UTY(Pronounced Beauty)
Black Beat = Soul Black
Block B = BBC (Block B Club)
BoA = Jumping BoA
The Boss = Master
Boyfriend = Bestfriend
Brave Girls = Fearless
Brown Eyed Girls = Everlasting
BTOB = Melody
BUZZ = Buzz’s Happy People
C-Clown = Crown
CHAOS = ChaoNyx
CHI-CHI = Shy Girl
Chocolat = Chocolatier
Click B = NIZI
Code-V = V-intage
Co- Ed School = Classmates
Dalmatian = Dalmate
Dal Shabet = Darlings
Davichi = Girls High
Epik High = High Skool
EvoL = Voller
f(x) = Aff(x)tion (Pronounced Affection)
F.Cuz = Runway
FT Island = Primadonnas
G-Dragon = Applers
Girl’s Day = DAI5Y (Pronounced Daisy)
Got7 = IGot7
GP Basic = Basically
H.O.T = White Angels
Hello Venus = Hello Cupid
HoMin = HolyShinki
Infinite = Inspirit
Ivy = Ivynus
Jay Park = Jay Walkers
Jewelry = Jewelry Box
JJ Project = JOYOUS
JYJ = Orion
KARA = Kamilia
Kim Hyun Joong = Henecia
Kim Jong Kook = Papitus
Koyote = Little Sun
LED Apple = L.E.D.A
miss A = Say A
N.Sonic = Supersonic
Nine Muses = Mine
NU’EST = ㄴㅇㅅㅌ
Orange Caramel = Caramels
PSY = Psycho
Rain(Bi) = Clouds
Rainbow = Rain-nous
RaNia = A1st
Secret = Secret Time
Se7en = Lucky 7
SHINee = SHINee World (aka Shawols)
SM the Ballad = Balladears
SS501 = Triple S
Super Junior = ELF
T-ara = Diadem
T-Max = Mighty Max
Teen Top = Andromeda Angel
TVXQ/DBSK = Cassiopeia (aka Cassie)
U-Kiss = Kiss Me
VIXX = Starlights
Winner = Inner Circle
Wonder Girls = WonderFul
ZE:A = ZE:A’s Style

Member Fanclubs

~Big Bang~
G-Dragon = Dragons
T.O.P = Charmers
Taeyang = Solmates
Seungri = Champions
Daesung = Jokers

Onew = M.V.Ps
Jonghyun = Blingers
Key = Lockets
Minho = Flames
Taemin =  Taemints

~Super Junior(M)~
Leeteuk = Angels
Yesung = Clouds
Kyuhyun = Gamers
Siwon = Siwonests
SungMin = VitaMins
Heechul = Petals
Eunhyuk = Jewels
Donghae = Fishies
Ryeowook =  Ryeosomniacs
Shindong =  ShinFriends
Kibum = Snower
Hangeng = Gengster
Kangin = Camomile
Henry = Strings
Zhou Mi = Mitangs/Honeys

~Teen Top~
C.A.P = CAPtains
Chunji = Chunsas
L.Joe = LJjangs
Niel = Emotioniels
Ricky = Lovelies
Changjo = Changsters

Dongwoo = Woonique
L = eLements
Sungjong = SUNGels
Woohyun = Newclears
Sunggyu = Chingyus
Hoya = Hoyatics
Sungyeol = Yeollipops

Dara = Daralings
CL = Classifieds
Minji = Minjas
Bom =  Bomshells

Hyunseung = Honeys
Yoseob = Yobeos
Kikwang = Aces
Junhyung = Jesters
Doojoon = DJs
Dongwoon = Swooners

Lee Joon = J+
Thuder = Soonja
Seungho = Seungholics
Mir = Miracle
G.O = Gorgeous

Taeyeon – Taeganger
Jessica – Gorjess Spazzer
Yoona – Yoonadict
Sunny – Sunshiner
Hyoyeon – Hyohunnie
Yuri – Yurisistable
Tiffany – Fanytastic
Sooyoung – Sooyoungster
Seohyun – Seomate

~NU’EST~ (Not Official Yet)
Aron – Aronator
JR – JRoyalist
Baekho – Baekholic
Minhyun – Minheart
Ren – Reniva

~EXO-K~ (Not Official Yet)
Kai – KAI-otic
Suho – Guardian Angels
Chanyeol – Creepers
Baekhyun – BAEKons
D.O. – D.Onuts
Sehun -Hunnie (Honey)

~EXO-M~ (Not Official Yet)
Kris – KRISmatics
Luhan – Rubies
Tao – FanTAOstic
Chen – CHENsations
Xiumin – XIUMNions
Lay – Unicorns

Yongguk – Bangsters
Himchan – Himes
Daehyun – Daewons
Youngjae – Brainboxes
Jongup – Cheetos
Zelo – Jellies

~Orange Caramel~
Raina: Raindears
Lizzy: Lizzbians/Lizzylicious

Fan Colors

Big Bang = No official color, instead VIPs wave either yellow crown light-sticks or black and white handkerchiefs.
2NE1 = Hot Pink
TVXQ/DBSK = Pearl Red
Block B = Purple Khaki
SHINee = Pearl Aqua
B2ST = Pearl Midnight Blue Dark Gray
B.A.P = Spring Green (not official but  has been used by fans)
Teen Top = Pearl Light Lavender
Super Junior =  Pearl Sapphire Blue
2PM = Grey
MBLAQ = Pearl Chocolate
SS501 = Pearl Light Green
Rain = Silver
Se7en = Lime Green
Wonder Girls = Pearl Burgundy
SNSD = Pastel Rose Pink
Infinite = Pearl Metal Gold
Orange Caramel = Yellow

If anyone knows the names of any other fan clubs of groups or members from any groups to add feel free to leave a comment so I can add to the list. ^.^


214 comments on “KPOP Fan Club Names & Colors

  1. SUPER JUNIOR (ELF)’s members fan club names that I know: LeeTeuk; angels YeSung; clouds KyuHyun; gamers SiWon; Siwonests SungMin; VitaMins

  2. For snsd individual fanclub is:
    Taeyeon – Taeganger
    Jessica – Gorjess Spazzer
    Yoona – Yoonadict
    Sunny – Sunshiner
    Hyoyeon – Hyohunnie
    Yuri – Yurisistable
    Tiffany – Fanytastic
    Sooyoung – Sooyoungster
    Seohyun – Seomate

  3. For shinee individual fanclub is:
    Taemin – Taemints
    Minho – Flamers
    Key – Lockets
    Onew – MVP’s
    Jonghyun – Blingers

  4. Exo fan club name is EXOTICS~~


    Kai – KAI-otic
    Suho – Guardian Angels
    Chanyeol – Creepers
    Baekhyun – BAEKons
    D.O. – D.Onuts
    Sehun – Hunnie (Honey)


    Kris – KRISmatics
    Luhan – Rubies
    Tao – FanTAOstic
    Chen – CHENsations
    Xiumin – XIUMINions
    Lay – Unicorns

  5. BIGBANG Member’s Fanclub

    G-Dragon : Dragons
    Taeyang/Sol : Solmates
    TOP : Charmers
    Daesung/D-Lite : Jokers
    Seungri/V.I : Champions

    ***APPLERS are DARAGON (2NE1’s Dara and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon) shippers 🙂 they are called Applers because of Dara’s apple hairstyle and GD’s Apple concept for his Heartbreaker album..^^

    hth 😉

  6. For B.A.P the individual members are Yongguk: Bangsters Himchan: Himes Daehyun: Daewons Youngjae: Brainboxes Jongup: Cheetos Zelo: Jellies

  7. Umm… Can I correct a fanclub color here?

    SNSD’s official fanclub color is Pastel Rose Pink. 🙂 Pearl Pink may be accepted but Pastel Rose Pink is much preferred. 🙂 If I’m wrong, please correct me. It doesn’t hurt to correct someone, okay? 🙂

  8. Can you put Orange Caramel? I know is a AS sub-unit, but if i’m not wrong now is considerated as a group.

    Fanclub: Caramels
    Color: I’m not very sure if it is pink o yellow.

    Raina: Raindears
    Lizzy: Lizzbians/Lizzylicious

    • Sure, no problem 🙂

      Sorry it took so long for me to add to the list; been busy with school. But I just updated the list so Orange Caramel is up there now :3

  9. SNSD’s fanclub name is actually S♡NE. I think in Korea, they’re pretty strict about the ♡. It should be the open heart, not the closed one, like ❤. It’s just that when it comes to convenience, it’s easier to type “Sone” than “S♡NE”. But yeah I think the official spelling of the fanclub is the one with the open heart.

  10. official exo fanclub name is exost now, and a-jax fanclub name is a-light, not a-loght, a-prince fanclub name is a-land, lc9 fanclub name is love beat. myname fanclub is mygirl?what about their fanboy?

  11. Hello.. I’ve been created a note about kpop fandom individual members..
    list member of : SJ, B2ST, SHINew, SNSD, EXO, TVXQ (5 member), 2PM, Teen Top, INFINITE, B1A4, VIXX, DalShabet, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, 2NE1, The BOSS, BEG, U-Kiss, H.O.T, SS501, f(x), miss A, BOYFRIEND, AfterSchool, NU’EST, SISTAR, CNBlue, Block B, MBLAQ, B.A.P

    you can check on my facebook note if you want 😀
    you can search my facebook acc : /shin.m.young9

  12. How about BTS/ Bangtan Boys? Their my favorite rookie group! ^____^ Their A.R.M.Y It means Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. Please add them! ^___^ Kamsa!

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  14. excuse me, i wiil add one name of jang geun suk’s fans.. its: EELS ^^ thank you for your information about kpop fandom.. ^^~

  15. TVXQ members fanclub :

    Kim Jae Joong- Jaeharem
    Micky Yoochun – Chunsas
    U-Know Yunho – Know-it-All
    Xiah Junsu – Xiahpwas
    Max Changmin – Changminion

    Jang Keun Suk- Eels

  16. There is no official announcement for EXO’s fanclub and official colours. Please shut it down, and update only when announced. And there’s no such things as Individuals Fanclub for EXO, yet.

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    • You pronounce it like “exotic”, but this isn’t their official fan-club name. It’s mostly just what fans call themselves as there is no official name yet 🙂

  18. CNBLUE -Blue (fan color)

    Member fanclub:

    Jung Yong Hwa – Emotional Angels
    Lee Jong Hyun – Burning Souls
    Kang Min Hyuk – Lovely Gazes
    Lee Jung Shin – Untouchable Goddesses

    (The member fanclub names, not sure if it is official though. 🙂

  19. For EXO .. There are lots of Fandoms created by Fans .. by name: EXOtics,EXOstans,EXObolous,EXOsphere,EXOholics.

    I’m just sharing it 🙂 But it’s true that they don’t have OFFICIAL Fandom yet XD

  20. for exo the fans had pearl silver balloons for their concert so I’m assuming that and they had blue light sticks so I’m assuming it’s that haha

  21. SS501 ❤ triple s
    kim hyun joong – henecians
    heo young saeng – Y.E.S
    kim kyu jong – thanKYU
    park jung min – kazuko
    kim hyun jun – jjuns

  22. uhmm.. where is the BTS or bangtan boys ..for all i know their fandom name is ARMY but i dont know what is their fandom color ..!! can you reply it

    #sorry for bad english

  23. sorry for flood this but…
    Sunny Hill’s fandom – H:LLËR
    BIg Star’s fandom – Only one
    Speed’s – Deep
    M.I.B’s – Busterz
    AlphaBat’s – Alpha

  24. Shinhwa fans are called Shinhwa Changjo (which means Create Legend or legend creators) and their offical fan color is orange. ^^

  25. Pearl Light Periwinkle. It’s f(x)’s official color. But f(x)’s fans don’t have any official fanclub name. Yet. Perhaps. .-.
    Anyway, thanks for the list~ ^^

  26. EXO members fanclub

    Suho: Aquatics
    Kai: Teleporters
    Sehun: Whirlwinds
    D.O: Earthlings
    Lay: Healers
    Xiumin: Snowflakes
    Chen: Sparks
    Baekhyun: Shiners
    Chanyeol: Pyromaniacs
    Kris: Dragons
    Tao: Cronics
    Luhan: Telekinects

    I usually see most fans using these names.

  27. 👽👑🍼🐴🙈Member Fanclubs

  28. BTS = A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative M.c. for Youth)

    Color :
    Silver (I’m not sure but normally is that)

  29. Where’s BTS? Their fan club is A.R.M.Y. (Adorable Representative MC for Youth; Bulletproof boy scouts). Offical fan color: Silver-Gray official light stick [] (I don’t really know if this is true; I don’t really think they have one that BTS has announced).

  30. For y’all wondering where is BTS this list was made 2011 before BTS was even a thing.. The one who made this prolly doesn’t edit it anymore

  31. Twice fam club is Once. Red Velvet fam club is ReVeluv. Blackpink fan club is Blink. Wanna One fam club is Wannables. BTS fan club is called ARMY.

  32. Applers are GD and Dara’s fan couple name. I read in some post way back 10 years ago, that GD’s personal fanbase name is called G-army but I’m not sure though since it that post was a really long time ago.

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