[UNBOXING] Photo Card

I bought Dongwoo’s photo card from Infinite’s Paradise album around a week or two ago on ebay for $9.80 & just got it today. I even got a free gift which is a fanmade photo card of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk which made me happy since he is my SuJu bias 😀


[Fanfic] Insufficient Training



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Born into an assassin family, you learned to control your emotions. You are highly skilled with different types of weaponry and know self defense. Although you’ve seen other children go, you have never gone to school before because your parents found it unnecessary; after all, everything you needed to know can be taught to you by your parents. You were never taught anything that didn’t have to do with becoming an assassin until the age of 10.

A threat to your family appeared, and your parents decided to teach you things ‘normal’ kids would learn at school more and more, to the point that the only time you did anything violent would be when your parents decided to give you a day with P.E or during any free time you had.

When the threat becomes more prominent, your parents send you off to a boarding school, telling you it’ll only be temporary. Weary, you go to the school anyway and to your luck, find out that all your expenses are covered by an old friend of you’re parents… However, your luck ends there because you, who are supposed to be ready for anything, soon faces problems your parents never trained you for!

How were you going to get rid of the threat that seems to want to murder your entire family?

How were you going to get through school without weapons or your fists when viscous girls seemed to be found left and right?

And most of all, how were you going to deal with all these abnormal chest pains you seemed to have whenever you were around certain guys?


This fanfic is written by reminiscence117

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