I ordered both of these albums off of YesAsia on July 17th @ 3:09AM HKT and they were shipped on July 17th @ 2:45PM HKT. I received the package on July 29th PST.


[UNBOXING] Photo Card

I bought Dongwoo’s photo card from Infinite’s Paradise album around a week or two ago on ebay for $9.80 & just got it today. I even got a free gift which is a fanmade photo card of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk which made me happy since he is my SuJu bias 😀

My items were shipped today!

20130108_151428My items that I purchased from Kpopmart two days ago were shipped early this morning (about 18 hours ago)~!


The items I ordered this time are:

  • EvoL Mini Album Vol. 1
  • GD’s ‘One of a Kind’ Beanie
  • Matsushita Yuya – I Am Me
  • Block.B 2013 Calendar
  • BTOB Mini Album Vol. 2 – Press Play
  • Infinite Mini Album – INFINITIZE
  • Big Bang Special Edition – Still Alive

and it seems I got free headphones/earphones as well :3

I am so excited!! I can’t wait for them to arrive >.<

Now I just have to wait…

KPOP Phone Skins

If anyone is interested in buying a skin for your cell phone  I will be making/selling some. If you would like a certain Kpop picture whether it’s a kpop male/female group, a certain member of a group and also a certain word you would like on the skin tell me and I can add it.

Check out some examples I made already by going to either KpopPhoneSkins Tumblr or KpopPhoneSkins Facebook

Each item costs $22.00, I accept Paypal and Concealed Cash(USA only). If you choose to pay via concealed cash I will not be responsible for any loss. Also keep in mind that all sales are final, there are no refunds.

One more thing if you are going to buy a phone skin please don’t forget to tell me what kind of cell phone you have.

[VIDEO] Teenfinite (Teen Top & INFINITE) special stage Music Core Dec. 24

Teenfinite (for those who don’t know is Teen Top and INFINITE), performed a special stage on Music Core, December 24th.

Teen Top was on stage first and sang 울면 안돼; INFINITE came on stage next and sang 징글벨 {Jingle Bells}; Teen Top came back on stage and together with INFINITE sang Super Juniors’ song, 엉뚱한 상상 {White Christmas}.

Check out the video below to see their performance~

[Fanfic] Nerd by Day, Player by Night


Two nerds from different high schools share a similar story.

They both get bullied.

They’re both nerds.

They both want revenge.

And thus, they seek a way yo get revenge. By transforming into players and winning over the hearts of those who bullied them.

But when these players cross paths, both thinking that the other are just another one of those annoying queenkas and kingkas at school, they try to be the first to break the other’s heart.

This fanfic is written by cuppieeee

Click here to read