[Fanfic] You’re My Oppas 2 (Sequel to You’re My Oppas)

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Here is the Plot:

After the whole scandalous incident 2 years ago, you and L are finally reunited.

But you soon find out things aren’t easy as an idol’s girlfriend, idol’s sister, and idol’s crush.

Things turn dramatic as your new school year turns hectic and L get’s busier than ever with his new schedule.

It seems like there is conflict everywhere.

1. Time management with L

2. The enemy at school that turns out to be your brother’s girlfriend.

3. Block B’s Ahn Jaehyo admits he has a crush on you.

Despite all the struggles this year, will your and L’s love be able to survive or is this the end of you and L once and for all?

This fanfic is written by dbskgirl4ever 

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Block B

Block B (블락비) is a seven-member boy band from South Korea, created by the company Brand New Stardom under the mentorship of Cho PD. They debuted their first single, “Do U Wanna B?” on April 13, 2011 and made their live debut singing the title track “Freeze” on Music Bank on April 15, 2011. The group appeared on a special presentation of Starry Night radio, and made their variety show debut on May 7, 2011 on 100 Points Out of 100.

Photo from Kyung’s twitter account

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