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[Fanfic] Jjang High 2 (Sequel of Jjang High)


Now that Block B and Myname graduated, no more jjangs exist at H2 and Brandnew High Schools.

It seems like peace has finally come.

But no one is prepared for BIG drama heading their way.

What if she comes back? And she will do everything to get him back.

What if a new oppa reappears in your life? And he will do anything to make you happy.

What if all the secrets start coming out?

It going to be one hell of a year.

Trusts broken.

New friendships formed.

Relationships lost.

Love found.

Will you and Insoo be able to stand strong through it all?

Or was the love not worth it after all?

This fanfic is written by dbskgirl4ever

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[Fanfic] Jjang High

I recently just started reading this fanfic and I really like it so far.
Here is the plot;

In downtown Seoul, there are two dominating high schools.

One is Brandnew High School, home of a group of gangster-like jjangs named Block B.

The other is H2 High School, where the most popular boys called Myname reside in.

And H2 High School is where you also attend.

You’ve known these kingkas for a long time, even before they were even Myname.

Although you’re on okay terms with them, you never knew that one of them actually likes you.

What happens if Zico appears in your life, making things more complicated for the Myname member that has a crush on you?

Block B vs. Myname

Who will win your heart?

Zico or Insoo?

This fanfic is written by dbskgirl4ever 

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MYNAME is a five-member boy band from South Korea, created by the company H2 Media and they were trained by former Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee. They released their debut album single, “Message” through their Twitter and made their live debut on M!Countdown on October 27, 2011.


Gunwoo, real name Lee Gunwoo(이건우). He is the leader of the group. He was born on January 30, 1989. His star sign is Aquarius & his Chinese zodiac is Snake. He is 181cm tall, his blood type is AB. 2004-2007 he went to Namdaeieon High School | 2007-now he goes to Wusong University – Sports Health. Click here for his twitter.

Seyong, real name Kim Seyong (김 세용). He is the rapper & dancer of the group. He was born in Busan on November 20, 1991. He is 177cm tall, his blood type is O. His star sign is Scorpio & his Chinese zodiac is Sheep. He is a former JYPE trainee. He goes to Seoul National University of Fine Arts & Acting. Click here for his twitter.

Jun.Q, real name Kang Joon Kyu (강준규). He is the rapper of the group. He was born on August 9, 1993. His star sign is Leo & his Chinese zodiac is Rooster. He is 180cm tall, and he goes to Seoul’s Theater and Arts High School. He worked as a model since his second year of middle school. Click here for his twitter.

Insoo, real name Kang InSoo(강인수). He is the lead vocalist of the group. He was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on March 10, 1988. His star sign is Pisces & his Chinese zodiac is Sheep. He is 178cm tall, and his blood type is AB. 2003-2006 he went to Anyang Art High School (Dance) | 2006-2010 he went to Saejong University (Major in Dance) | 2011-now he goes to Korea National Open University (Visual Media).

Chaejin, real name Seok ChaeJin (석채진). He is the sub-vocalist and maknae of the group. He was born in Seoul on December 26, 1995. His star sign is Capricorn and his Chinese zodiac is Pig. He is 176cm tall and goes to Seoul Performing Arts High School.

MYNAME – Message MV