[UNBOXING] Photo Card

I bought Dongwoo’s photo card from Infinite’s Paradise album around a week or two ago on ebay for $9.80 & just got it today. I even got a free gift which is a fanmade photo card of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk which made me happy since he is my SuJu bias 😀


[Unboxing] Daesung Alive Photo Card

I received my Daesung Alive photo card in the mail today. I had recently purchased him from themgurl0523 on tumblr and I just got it today. I love the cute paper she wrote on, and I just want to thank her soo much for selling Daesung to me. This is my first Daesung photo card as well so I am super happy to have him finally. Now I just need 3 more Alive photo cards to finish my collection, yay~ :3