[UNBOXING] VIXX – Jekyll repackaged album + poster

I placed my order on KpopTown on July 24th and it was shipped on August 2nd. I spent $21.60 on the album + shipping

On August 12th I received my package and poster; it took 10 days to get to me.

I had some trouble recording myself opening the package though because I had just came home from getting a tattoo on my right wrist and it was extremely sore and hurt to move ;-;



I bought this along with the album that I did an unboxing video for. The poster was shipped Saturday and I got it today. Sadly there is a small tear at the top of the poster ;-;

[UNBOXING] VIXX – Hyde Album

I received my Hyde album in the mail today and I am just so happy I finally have it in my hands after 2 months of waiting for it. I am still waiting to receive the poster though, but that should be here by either this week or next week maybe.


I was patiently waiting all day yesterday for this music video to be released. When it was announced what time it was going to be released and it got closer to the time I kept refreshing the page over and over and over again.

I literally love everything about this music video. I’m not gonna lie when I saw that Leo had longer hair in the teaser video I didn’t like it but now that I have seen the full music video I love it (especially when it’s pulled back xD). I am hoping he has that hair style when they have their comeback stage :3

I love the dark concept of “Hyde” that’s based on Jekyll and Hyde. The way that VIXX represents both Jekyll and Hyde; they are like Jekyll when they are dressed in white clothing and when dressed in the black clothing they are like Hyde.

Some people find this music video scary but I personally don’t see how this video is scary or creepy.

I am going to be bias starting right now… Leo omg  Leo when he appeared  saying, “I couldn’t have said those words” / “나 설마 그런 말을 했을 리가

Could I have said I’m leaving you” / “너를 떠난다고 했을 리가

Girl believe me right now” / “Girl 지금의 나를 믿어줘

I screamed a bit while in my room he almost killed me with that amazing voice of his. It is so different from VIXX’s previous songs; Super Hero, Rock Ur Body, and On and On.

Also when he was “choking” that girl I was like “Omg I wish that was me o_o” (yes I admit I am a little weird but idc :P). While he was choking that girl he looked very sexy too lol.

As for the other members they all look amazing but I don’t like the heavy dark make-up that was on Hongbin’s chin I thought it looked bad. That was literally the only thing in the M/V I did not like. If you have not watched the music video yet defiantly check it out, it’s seriously amazing.

One last thing I have pre-ordered their album so I will be doing an unboxing video when I receive it 🙂

Received my VIXX album + Leo bookmark

I have previously bought VIXX’s On and On album but I was hoping to get Leo but ended up getting Ravi. So the day after I got that album I looked every single day trying to find someone who had Leo and was either willing to trade him or sell him and it literally took me like a week to find someone. I had to buy the album with Leo though in order to get him; which is fine but I do not need two of the same album >.<

So just like with my extra VIXX – Rock Ur Body album I am going to be selling this one as well. The price for this is going to be $12.00 for the album and $5.00 for shipping. If interested please send me a message on either youtube, tumblr or to BigBang.VIP_1123@rocketmail.com

I am willing to ship outside of the USA as well but please know that the cost of shipping will be more.

Received My VIXX – Rock Your Body Albums

I bought two Rock Your Body albums on eBay about two weeks ago and they came in the mail two days ago. I was hoping that I would get two different photo card things but I happened to get two Hongbin’s instead. I am looking for Leo’s so if you have him and would like to trade for Hongbin send me a message on youtube, tumblr or leave a comment.

I am also selling the extra Rock Your Body album for $25 obo (the price includes the cost of shipping within the USA) I am willing to ship outside the US as well but it will cost a bit more.

To see photos follow this URL; >click here<



VIXX is a six-member boy group from South Korea signed under Jellyfish Entertainment.  All of the members were on Mnet’s reality program, Mydol. Before VIXX made their debut, the members were 6 of 10 contestants featured in the Mnet’s reality show Myidol. Four members; N, Leo, Ravi and Hongbin were featured in Brian Joo’s Let This Die. N, Leo and Ravi were also featured in Seo In-guk Shake It Up and Hongbin was featured in Seo In-guk’s Tease Me. Continue reading